For a general introduction to the scientific works of scientists of ENIOROSS European Research Centre of eniopsychology there offered:

  • V.K. Krishnev. Eniopsychology. Academic dictionary. 2005. – 640 p.
  • V.K. Krishnev. Eniopsychology. English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary. 2005. – 164 p.
  • V.K. Krishnev. Eniopsychology. French-Russian and Russian-French dictionary. 2006. – 170 p.
  • V.K. Krishnev. Eniopsychology. German-Russian and Russian-German dictionary. 2006. – 178 p.
  • V.K. Krishnev. Spiritual cybernetics. The mystery of foresight. “MAEN”. 2010. – 720 p.
  • Magazines “The secrets of the Universe” № 1-14 (1999-2011) edited by professor V.K. Krishnev.
  • Scientific works of the 2nd International Scientific Congress – “Eniology, Eniopsychology, Healing”, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of birth of the great prophet – M. Nostradamus (December, 2003, Salon de Provence - Paris, France).
  • Scientific works of the 3nd International Scientific Congress – “Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Anthroposophy patriarch Rudolph Steiner (February, 2011, Berlin, Germany).
  • Scientific works of the 4nd International Scientific Congress – “Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology”, dedicated to the patriarch of the Eniology Firyaz Khantseverov (Russia) and the patriarch of the Cybernetics Norbert Wiener (the USA).
  • V.K. Krishnev. Eniopsychology: The Modern Science of the Psycho-Cosmic (Quantum Field) Nature of Man. The mystery of the Cosmic "I", Minsk, MAEN, 2018. – 416 p.

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