Eniopsychology High School

ENIOROSS European Research Centre of Eniopsychology

Invites spiritually gifted people
for the disclosure of their abilities
and the definition of fateful predestination
in the learning process in the Original school of Eniopsychology.

/The interview and selection of spiritual and gifted people is conducted individually after listening to the introductory lectures. Preparing to study at the Graduate School includes the preliminary recovery through the workshops./

The High School of Eniopsychology activity is organized by the professors and masters of the Order of biomagnetizers (Paris, France), the International Academy of Energoinformation sciences (Moscow, Russia), the Centre for the training of professionals in radio aesthesia (Riga, Latvia).

Before the interview there conducted collective introductory lectures and seminars.

Topics of the introductory lectures:
1. "Eniopsychology - the science of the XXI century".
2. "The problem of longevity in the aspect of Eniopsychology".

After the participant visits the two lectures he gets the German certificate.

The author of the workshops is Professor Valery Krishnev.
/ The lectures are conducted in German and Russian./

The dates of the lectures and seminars will be appointed as a set of groups, the information is available by the set phone numbers.

All graduates of the High School of Eniopsychology will be invited to

4th International Scientific Congress
"Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology "

/ spatio-temporal relations in metaphysics,
psycobioenergetics and quantum physics of consciousness /
dedicated to the patriarch of the Eniology Firyaz
(Russia) and the patriarch of the Cybernetics Norbert Wiener (the USA)
May 25-27, 2018 (Washington, DC - New York, USA).

Eniopsychology – the XXI century science about the human of the Earth and cosmic origin

Valery Krishnev

«What is a man?»

The main component of this global issue remains unchanged throughout the ages: a man is the material-field structure, in which the field part of the overall structure can be separated from the body, as after the death of this body, and in the course of his life, during sleep. This is not just a philosophical confirmation of the field structure of the material and human, but also a feasible to bring humanity out of the critical state in which it exists primarily due to the loss of higher goals, higher aspirations and the meaning of his life, and to bring an understanding of that people in the Spirit, which is a field granted, living on the planet of Earth in the body shell, the invisible way correlated with all of its surrounding space filled with both Earth and the space ground.

According to the author’s development, that truth is enclosed in a scientific direction - "Eniopsychology", where "ENIO" stands for energetic metabolism (energy-interaction) between the two fields of substances (Spirits):one of the Earth origin - the disembodied Spirit (ATT) and heavens origin - the Spirit of the Spiritual Soul (DDD), being in the same body shell, and their interaction with social environment through a visible management object – a corporeal shell of a woman or a man, and the corresponding interaction of the Spirit of spiritual Soul with spiritual progenitors by guardian angels.

The main thing here is not in a global knowledge but in the awareness of whom one should be according to the destiny matrix of “ATT+DDD” to become an ideal to return to the Spiritual home.

Possible questions and answers:

Question: - Who are the spiritually-gifted?
Answer: - Adults and children under the scientific name "Indigo", who were attached to the spiritual life in the previous lives (priests and pharaohs, magicians, wizards, clairvoyants and other military leaders) with a clear understanding of shame, conscience and justice, keeping the commandments of Jesus of Christ.

Question: - What methods will be used for recovery?
Answer: - Generally, psychological thoughts embodied thought the energy form, as by the definition a spiritually-gifted should be physically healthy. But taking into account that these people are the object of attack for the dark forces such as wizards, witches and other obsessed beings, our Spirit warriors can have obvious discomfort, which resolved without are difficult to get rid of without assistance.

Question: - Are the abilities connected to the fateful predestination?
Answer: - Yes, they are. To make the right life and experience it is a thorny path in a forward and upward direction, breaking through trials and temptations of the evil, excluding envy and greed, rigid adherence to the material. Our scientists reveal these shortcomings during the interview process at once. The main thing in life is a self-realization in society.

Question: - Who are these scientists of the Centre, who will conduct the interview?
Answer: - The interview is conducted individually by the professional who have basic knowledge in the fields of psychology, cybernetics and medicine.

- After checking on the spiritual gifts which mode of communication will be taken?
Answer: - There will be offered a course of lectures, seminars and workshops on the disclosure of abilities and the necessary literature possessing the awareness expansion. Upon completion of training at the center you may receive higher education in the field of psychology, and then write a thesis, followed by the protection in Berlin or Moscow. The center employs the prospective scientists, researchers and inventors seeking to reveal the mysteries of the universe.

- Where will scholarly works be published?
Answer: - In the Russian-language scientific information magazine - "The Secrets of the Universe," where there is a topic in German and English.

- Is there a website where the issues of concern subjects of your research center are highlighted?
Answer: - Yes, there is. This is a website of the ENIOROSS European Research Center of eniopsychology (www.enioross.eu).

Question: - Expected long-term activities.
Answer: - The 5th International Scientific Congress – “Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology”, June, 2021 (London, UK).


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